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  • Young Scientist Award-2012 in 13th International Conference on Magnetic Fluid, organized by CSIR-India,CSIR-NPL in Delhi is conferred to Sh. Prabhakaran S
  • CSIR Young Scientist Award 2012 in Physical Sciences (including instrumentation) for the year 2012 is given to Mr. Umesh Tiwari of CSIR-Central Scientific Instruments Organization, Chandigarh in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the area of Photonics particularly in developing erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA), various configurations of Raman/EDFA hybrid amplifiers and developments & demonstration of novel fiber grating structures for the communication and sensing applications.
  • First Prize of Dr. N. G Patel Prize for the Best Oral Presentation for the Paper entitled Optical Biosensor for the Detection of Organophosphate Pesticide to Ms Shaveena Thakur, Jitin Kumar, A k Paul during First International Symposium on Physics and Technology of Sensors, ISPTS-1 2012, March 8-10, 2012

  • Dr Pawan Kapur received 34th IETE Ram Lal Wadhwa Gold Medal Award 2011 for his outstanding contributions in the area of Electronic Monitoring and Control Instrumentation.
  • Sh Vinod Karar received 34th IETE  Hari Ramji Toshniwal Award -2011 for his outstanding contribution in indigenous development of Head Up Display Technology
  • CSIO received the Award of Excellence in Aerospace Indigenisation for the successful indigenisation of Aerospace Technology of Head Up Display for LCA-Tejas conferred by the Society of Indian Aerospace Technology and Industries (SIATI), Bangalore on February 12, 2011. The award was received by Dr. Pawan Kapur, Director, CSIO.
  • Shri NS Mehla, Chief Scientist, Chandigarh was selected for the IETE Lal C Verman Award of the Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) for the year 2010 for his distinguished contribution for his establishing well-equipped and state-of-the-art facility at CSIO. This included design, fabrication and characterisation of specialised Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBGs), Long Period Gratings (LPGs) and Extrinsic Fabry Perot Interferometer (EFPI) based devices, components and Systems for sensors and communication applications. The Award is to be presented to him during the 42nd Mid-Term Symposium of IETE being held in Bangalore during April 15-17, 2011.
  • Shri Prashant Kumar Mahapatra, Senior Scientist, received Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) Manorama Rathore Memorial Award -2010.
  • Best paper award at the National Symposium on "New Horizons in Avionics Display Systems (NHADS-2010)", October 23, 2010, CSIO Chandigarh was presented to the paper entitled Distributed Strain Monitoring of Aircraft Structure using FBG Sensor Technique by Umesh Tiwari, Vandana Mishra, G.C. Poddar , Nidhi Singla, V.S. Bhagavan, Subhash C. Jain, Nahar Singh, and Pawan Kapur
  • IGS-AIMIL Biennial Award-2010 for best paper published on Instrumentation was presented to the paper entitled Instrumental Monitoring of Mansa Devi Landslide Site and Interpretation of Data, S. K. Mittal, Manjeet Singh, Sunil Dhingra and H. K. Sardana, Indian Geotechnical Journal, Vol.39, No.3, pp.317-327, July 2009
  • Best Paper Award at the workshop on Food Security and Economic Prosperity through Processing & Preservation of Foods , held on March 04-05,2010 at Bhopal was presented to the paper entitled Dielectric measurement of different Cereal grains and prediction of moisture contents by Babankumar Bansod, Pawan Kapur, M.L.Singla
  • First position in paper presentation at National Seminar on "Recent Advances in Sensors and Applied Systems", April 28-30, 2010 at ITM Universe, Gwalior was presented to the paper entitled Design and Study of Near Infra Red Spectrophotometer for Quality Assessment of Liquid Food Products, presented by Dr Sunita Mishra.
  • Best Paper Award in student category at National level Symposium on "New Horizons In Avionics Display Systems" organized by Central Scientific Instruments Organization (CSIR-CSIO), Chandigarh on 23rd October 2010 for the paper entitled Application of FLIR Systems in Aviation Industry, by Aparna Akula, Ripul Ghosh and H K Sardana.
  • “प्रक्षेपिकी के टर्मिनल अध्ययन के लिए ऑप्टो- इलेक्ट्रॉनिक तकनीकों का विकास”, आर सी कालोनिया, पी पी बाजपेयी, चन्द्र मोहन, डी पी छाछिया, ओमेन्द्र सिंह और सन्नी चौहान “राष्ट्रीय वैज्ञानिक एवं तकनीकी संगोष्ठी”, 7-8 दिसम्बर, 2010 चरम प्राक्षेपिकी अनुसंधान प्रयोगशाला, सैक्टर 30, चंडीगढ़ (Best Paper Award)
  • Dr Amod Kumar received the 2009 National L& T Award for guiding the best M Tech thesis titled Gait Analysis for the Development of an Electronic Knee by Nissan Kunju in Electrical and Electronics Engineering category
  • Best Scientific Paper Award at international Conference on optics and Photonics,(ICOP-2009),held on 30 oct.-1 Nov. 2009 at CSIO, Chandigarh, India was presented to the paper entitled Simultaneous Measurement of Strain and Temperature using Partially Etched Single Fibre Bragg Grating Sensor by Samir K Mondal, Sauvik Mal, Umesh Tiwari, Sanjib Sarkar, Vandana Mishra,G.C Poddar, Nahar Singh, S.C.Jain and Pawan Kapur.
  • Shri Neelesh Kumar received Institution of Engineers India (IEI) Young Engineer Award in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Discipline for the year 2009
  • Member of board of Studies on Nano Science & Nano Technology, Punjab University, Chandigarh from 1.4.2007 to 31.3. 2009
  • Nominated as research Degree (PhD) Committee Member. Electronics & Communication Engg. Punjab University, Chandigarh. 1.1.2008 to 31-12-2009
  • Nominated as Member, Research Degree (PhD) Committee Member. Information Technology, Punjab University, Chandigarh, 1-1-2008 to 31-12-2009
  • 19th IETE-Hari Ramji Toshniwal Gold Medal Award 2008 to Shri S.K.Mittal , Sc. F, CSIO in recognition of his distinguish contribution in the Design, Development and Fabrication of Scientific Instruments & Systems for various applications in the area of Snow & Avalanche and Railways for Public Safety. Shri S.K.Mittal received the award from Prof. N.R.Narayana Murthy, chairman Infosys Technology Ltd. on September 29, 2008 during award ceremony on the occasion of 51st Annual Technical Convention of IETE at New Delh
  • Dr C Ghanshyam received First Prize for his paper entitled Development of Pulsed Electric Field System for Liquid Foods at CHASCON-2008,March 14-15, 2008, Panjab University, Chandigarh. Dr C Ghanshyam received the award from Minister of State for Finance, Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal, M.P
  • OSA/IEEE LEOS/SPIE best student paper award to Shri Umesh Tiwari for his paper 'Characterization of a novel Raman/EDF Hybrid amplifier with enchanced performance' presented in International Conference on Fiber Optics and Photonics held at IIT Delhi, December 13-17, 2008
  • Inaugurated the Workshop on Modern Analytical Techniques for Materials, organized by Department of Chemistry, Kurukshetra University, and February 29, 2008.
  • Dr Pawan Kapur, Dr Amod Kumar, Dr HK Sardana, Dr C Ghanshyam, Dr G S Singh, Dr Sunita Mishra and Shri VPS Kalsi have been designated as Honorary Adjunct Professor of Bengal Engineering and Science University, (BESU), Shibpur, Howrah.
  • Ghanshyam C elected as fellow The Institution of Engineers (India), Kolkata w.e.f. 31.12.2007
  • WISITEX International Institutional Award-Dr Pawan Kapur, Director, CSIO received the AUSANDHAN VIBHUSHAN Award given by Wistex international, Mumbai to CSIO. Chandigarh for Outstanding Contribution of their Institute in the field of Instrumentation. This programme was held at ITC.Grand Martha Sheraton, Mumbai 30, 2005.
  • Felicitations by Tea Research Association-The Tea Research Association and Community Felicitated Dr Pawan Kapur Director. CSIO during the 34th Tocklai Conference on Strategies for Quality in Digital Era, held during November 28-30, 2005 at orhat.This honor was conferred upon him in recognition of his pioneering efforts in introducing Electronics and Information Technology in Tea Process.
  • IETE Hari Ramji Toshniwal Gold Medal Award-Dr Lalit M Bhardwaj , Scientist F,CSIO ,Chandigarh has been awarded 16th IETE Hari Ramji Toshhniwal Gold Medal .This award was conferred upon him, in recognition of his distinguished contribution in initiating research activities in the domain of nanotechnology which will lead to design, development and production of electronic instruments for drug delivery and other related systems, by Shri Santosh Mohan Dev, Honble Minister for heavy Industries Govt. of India on September 23, 2005 at Delhi during Inaugural Ceremony of Annual Technical Convention of IETE
  • IETE-CDIL Award for industry for best Technical Paper-The Institution of electronics and Telecommunication Engineers (IETE) has awarded IETE- CDIL Award for industry in the year 2005-06 to Dr MA Shamshi for his technical paper titled Technologies Convergence in Recent Instrumentation for Natural Disaster Monitoring for and Mitigation being adjudged as the best technical paper contributed by him. Dr MA Shamshi is currently working as Emeritus Scientist under CSIR at CSIO, Chandigarh after his superannuation as Scientist G and Head, Geo Scientific Instrumentation Division of CSIO
  • Best Technical Paper Award-Shri NS Aulakh, Scientist B, CSIO received the best technical paper award at National Conference on Sensors held at Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology (TIET), Patiala during November 25-26,2005.
  • Smart Technology Award-The Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE).Bangalore has selected the work on Development of Extrinsic Fabry Perot Interferometric (EFPI) Sensor for Smart Technology Applicants carried out by a team of CSIO Scientist, for its Annual K Suryanarain Rau Memorial Award for smart Technology Development for the year 2004. The award was presented to the team comprising of Dr RP Bajpai, the then Director CSIO; Dr AK Aggarwal, the then Scientist G ; Mr. NS Mehla Scientist F and Mr. Subash C Jain, Scientist EII During the 18th Annual General Meeting of ISAMPE HELD AT THE National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL) Bangalore on July 30, 2004
  • Punjab Ratan Award-Dr RP Bajpai, the then Director, CSIO was honoured with Punjab Rattan Award at the Punjab & Haryana State Intellectuals Conference held at Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research,Sector 12, Chandigarh on September 12,2004
  • Best Sports Person in Table Tennis-Shri BS Virdi, Scientist E II,CSIO was awarded on CSIR Foundation Day 2004 for having been adjusted the best sports person in Table Tennis (Men) Individual in CSIR for the year 2003-04 based on his performance in XXXVI Sri Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar memorial (Indoor) Tournament held at RRL- Thiruvananthapuram during November 28-30, 2003. The award included a cash amount of Rs 5,000/- and a Citation.
  • Best Paper Presentation at International Conference -Best Paper Presentation Award was given to Sh. GS Khan , Scientist for his paper titled Frequency Analysis of Nano-scale Roughness Formation in Single Point Diamond Turned Optical Surfaces presented during International Conference on Opto-electronics Technology (ICOT-2004) held at North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon during January 12-14,2004.
  • Vigyan Gaurav Samma-Vigyan Gaurav Samman for the year 2003-04 was awarded to Dr RP Bajpai by the Council of Science & Technology, Department of Science & Technology, and Govt. of U.P. The award included a cash amount of Rs. 1.00 lakh. A Shawl, a memento and a Samman Pattar. The award was conferred on Dr. Bajpai on 28th February, 2004 in Lucknow on the occasion of National Science Day for his outstanding contribution in Scientific Research, Publications & Technological Development at National level and hence achieving national & international acclaim
  • Dr. Myung Se Kim Award of "Excellence in Hyperthermic Oncology" for the year 2002 was conferred on Sh. RN Sengupta Scientist F, Medical Electronic Instrument Division for his singular contribution in the development of RF Hyperthermia and presentation of a research paper "Design of a Asymmetrical lntracavtary Capacitive Applicator based RF Hyperthermia & Thermal Mapping". The award was presented in a conference on "Hyperthermic Oncology & Medicine", organised by Indian Assisiation of Hyperthermic Oncology at Mumbai on April 5-6, 2003.
  • 26 सितंबर, 2002 को भारत के माननीय प्रधान मंत्री और अध्यक्ष, सीएसआईआर सोसायटी द्वारा एलसीए के उत्क्रष्ट प्रदर्शन तथा  सफल विकास के लिए इंजीनियरिंग में सीएसआईआर प्रौद्योगिकी पुरस्कार |
  • ज्ञान चन्द जैन मेमोरियल फाउंडेशन 1999 के लिए सीएसआईओ को इंस्ट्रूमेंटेशन में वैज्ञानिक अनुसंधान के लिए उत्कृष्टता का पुरस्कार।
  • सीएसआईओ के निदेशक डॉ. आर.पी.बाजपाई को 1998 में इंस्ट्रूमेंटेशन में योगदान के लिए नेशनल एकेडमी ऑफ साइंसेज, भारत पुरस्कार |
  • डॉ. पीएस गिल, निदेशक सीएसआईओ को भारत सरकार द्वारा स्थापित "डेवलपमेंट काउंसिल ऑफ इंस्ट्रूमेंट इंडस्ट्री" के अध्यक्ष के रूप में नामित किया गया था |

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