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1. Development of Lens Assembly for HUDWAC System
    Project Number: SSP0026   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

2. Design, Development and Supply of Head Up Display System for AJT/HJT 36 Programme
    Project Number: SSP0031   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

3. Design, Development and Upgrade of 1 QT Unit and 3 Flight Worthy HUD Units to MARK - 1N Standard for use on Tejas Navy and Supply of 1 Bore Sighting Tool
    Project Number: GAP0308   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

4. Exploration of Ferro Fluids for Magneto-Rheological Finishing in Advanced Optical Systems with Strategic Applications
    Project Number: GAP0316   Project Investigator: PRABHAT KUMAR BAGHEL

5. Robotics and Micro Machines (RoµM)
    Project Number: ESC0112   Project Investigator: NEHA KHATRI

6. Design & Development of LED based NVG compatible Wing and Fin Navigation Lights for LCA AF Mk-2
    Project Number: GAP0336   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

7. Design & Development of LED based Taxi & Landing Lights for LCA AF Mk-2
    Project Number: GAP 0337   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

8. Design and Development of Digital Holographic Camera for Non-destructive Testing Applications
    Project Number: GAP0345   Project Investigator: RAJ KUMAR

9. Design & Development of 220 HUD Mk-1N, delivery of 7 Nos. Airworthy HUD Units and 1 No. Bore-Sighting Tool for LCA Navy MK-1 Aircraft
    Project Number: GAP 0357   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

10. Design, Development and Supply of HUD MK 2 units for LCA AF Mk2 & LCA Navy Mk2
      Project Number: GAP0356   Project Investigator: VINOD KARAR

11. Development of Germanium & Silicon Asphero Diffractive Optical Elements by Diamond Turning
      Project Number: GAP0362   Project Investigator: NEHA KHATRI

12. Design & Development of Visual Odometry System
      Project Number: GAP0370   Project Investigator: SHASHI PODDAR

13. Development of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Schlieren Methodology for Quantification of Crazing in PMMA samples
      Project Number: GAP0377   Project Investigator: RAJ KUMAR

14. Design, Development & Delivery of Pilot Display Unit (PDU) for HAWKi Arcraft
      Project Number: GAP0385   Project Investigator: VIPAN KUMAR

15. Development of Off Axis Aspheric Mirrors and their Fabrication and Testing
      Project Number: SSP0043   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.

16. Development of Aspheric Mirrors and their Fabrication and Testing
      Project Number: SSP0044   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.

17. Design and Development of Airfield Ground Lighting Systems (AGLS)
      Project Number: MLP0045   Project Investigator: SHRAVANA KUMAR R.R.

18. Design and development of Enhanced Vision System for Military Surface Transport Vehicles
      Project Number: MLP0046   Project Investigator: SURENDER SINGH SAINI

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